What is

conscious Parenting?

Parenting can be a daily challenge, especially when our children poke at our ego and we feel like we’ve lost all control. Ironically, this need for control over our children is a major cause of their misbehaviors, disrespect and dysfunction. From the beginning we mold our children, sometimes into our broken pieces and the light they are born with becomes less bright as we pass along our unhealed wounds. 

The Conscious Parenting Method™ teaches us that there is another way. We can parent from our wholeness instead of our pain. Parenting from a place of abundance, acceptance and love, not from our fears, feelings of lack (not good enough, smart enough, do I have enough?) and need to control. We can put our expectations of our children on the shelf and honor who it is they are and they will shine. In the Conscious Parenting Method™ we will reduce the occurrence of triggers and conflict and create strong healthy life-affirming boundaries. We will focus on deepening the connection we have with our children verses the endless corrections they endure daily.


Every child wants to know these things:

  • Am I seen?

  • Am I worthy?

  • Do I matter?


We will go within and heal ourselves from the approval we never received and heal the bruises of our own childhood which include not being seen, heard, validated. Only when we parent ourselves can we parent our children, and show up fully in love and acceptance.​ Let's Go! 

Conscious Parenting is.... ​​

  • Process Based

  • Needs Based

  • Connection Based

  • Natural Consequences

  • No Shaming and Guilting

  • Listening, Attuning

  • Both are Teachers

Conscious pARENTING ISN't...

  • Outcome Based

  • Behavior Based

  • Control Based

  • Arbitrary, Parental Consequences

  • Yelling, Shaming, Guilting 

  • Commanding, Demanding

  • One is the Teacher