Who is

Your Coach?

Hello and welcome. My name is Suzy Blais. I am a mother, an educator, and a Certified Conscious Parenting

Coach through Dr. Shefali Tsabary’s Conscious Parent Coaching Institute. I am a lifelong seeker of wisdom,
a devoted examiner of human psychology and a lover of the childhood spirit. I have over twenty years of teaching experience with children, and with this comes working alongside their parents. I see that parents are struggling, I struggle with the same challenges. I see that parents are scratching their heads trying to figure out, "why is this so hard?" I am here to help.  

I have traveled the world and experienced first hand that the essence of children is the same wherever you are. They are abundant, authentic and connected to their soul. We as conditioned adults can sometimes unwittingly extinguish this authentic spirit in children. These little awakeners as I like to call them, if we allow, can teach us to open our hearts and honor them for who it is they are and not who we want them to be. My hope is to illuminate how parenting can come from a conscious place and is the best gift we can give ourselves and our children. I am so glad you are here with me and raising the vibration together.


My approach as a coach is to help get through stuck behavioral patterns and discover new ways to implement strategies for change. We will discuss:

  • What are the clients goals?

  • What are the clients obstacles?

  • How can we achieve these goals?

My focus is on Eastern Philosophy and Western Psychology and I will offer guidance by:

  • Outlining patterns and decluttering emotional obstacles

  • Helping parents identify child's needs and create connection

  • Help the parent discover who it is THEY authentically are

  • Help the parent discover who it is THEIR CHILDREN authentically are

  • Achieve more empowered communication with children

  • Achieve a sense of lightness and joy in parenting

  • Creating a workable plan of action for the parent

  • Referring parent to resources in community and online

  • Educating the parent on their problems and creating solutions         

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