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The Discovery Call

Learn More About Conscious Parenting


Conscious Parenting?

“To be free is to trust that who you are
is whole, abundant, and worthy.”


- Dr. Shefali  Tsabary -

Parenting can be a daily challenge, filled with anxiety and fear thus sitting in the need to control our children and our environment.  We have cruised through our lives in our subconscious state prior to our children locked in our patterns and conditioning mostly on auto pilot. It isn't until our little awakeners (children) invite us to awaken to a new consciousness. Ironically, this need for control over our children is a major cause of their big behaviors, disrespect and meltdowns. From the beginning we mold our children from our own downloads and attachment styles that we received. We can now become aware of these patterns and embody the authenticity that both we and our children deserve. Without Conscious Parenting we tend to dim the bright light they are born with as we pass along our unconscious patterns and unhealed wounds. We can make a change together. 

The Conscious Parenting Method™ teaches us that there is another way. We can parent from our wholeness instead of our pain. Parenting from a place of abundance, acceptance, and love. Letting go of our fears, feelings of lack/scarcity (not good enough, not smart enough, do I have enough?) and our burning need to control. We can put our heavy expectations of our children on the shelf and honor who it is they are and they will shine. In the Conscious Parenting Method™, we will reduce the occurrence of triggers and conflict and create strong healthy life-affirming boundaries. All children during the most formative years of development need to feel like they are seen, heard and validated in order to create a safe & secure attachment. Conscious Parenting includes clear, consistent boundaries in order to feel safe. It also is gaining the ability to hold space for big emotions which for some of us can be very difficult because it was not modeled for us in childhood. Big feeling were not allowed. We will learn how to do this together if it was not modeled for us as children. Emotional intelligence, building a self regulation tool box for yourself and gaining coping skills is absolutely essential in Conscious Parenting. I can help usher you to this level of awareness and knowing. We can heal from our childhood traumas and gain an awareness of ways to calm our Nervous Systems in an effort to co-regulate and provide a safe and nurturing home for our children to grow up in. 

It is...

I see you parents that are struggling, I was you too! I have learned through the process of Conscious Parenting that there is a way to feel less stressed, less triggered, less reactive. You can become more connected, more aligned with your authentic self and finally awaken to the person we have always been on the inside. 

I Am Here To Help

Who Am I?
Conscious Parenting coach Suzy Blais standing confidently ready to face your problems with you.

I'm Suzy Blais

I am a mother, an educator, and a Certified Conscious Parenting Coach through Dr. Shefali Tsabary’s Conscious Coaching Institute. I am a lifelong seeker of wisdom, a devoted examiner of human psychology, and a lover of the childhood spirit. I have over twenty years of teaching experience with children, and with this comes working alongside their parents. I see that parents are struggling, I struggle with these same challenges. I can walk alongside you during this process supporting you along the way. 


My approach as a coach is to help get through stuck behavioral patterns and discover new ways to implement strategies for change. 
We will discuss:

What are the client's goals?

My focus is on Eastern Philosophy and Western Holistic Psychology and I will offer guidance by:

Outlining patterns and decluttering emotional obstacles.

Certified Conscious Parenting Badge

"Suzy's program elevates the conversation about healthy parenting and families - and gives parents and caregivers the opportunity to do a deeper dive into how meaningful and impactful these relationships are. 


- Jackie -

Let's Go

We will go within and heal ourselves from inside out with the many practices and tools I will share with you. It is the time to finally give ourselves the permission to be our authentic selves and thus allowing this in our precious children. Only when we parent ourselves can we parent our children, and show up fully in love and acceptance. 

There are no bad kids, just kids that are having a hard time. Let's be the detective and figure out how to best support them.

The gift of Consciousness?

Help spread conscious parenting

to your friends and family 

“It’s your road and yours alone.
Others may walk it with you, but 
no one may walk it for you.”

- RUMI -

Lets walk together. I’m here for you.
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